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Hurricane Matthew Tree Service Volusia County

Hurricane Matthew Tree Service Volusia County

Hurricane Matthew has passed Volusia County Florida, and the damage is astonishing. There is certainly a lot of cleanup to be done. Tree cleanup work is a large part of the Hurricane Matthew recovery process. There are thousands of trees that have fallen in Volusia county. Many of these have caused extensive property damage to homes and vehicles. Call us for all of your tree removal needs Volusia County. We are licensed and insured which is extremely important when hiring a tree service. Particularly after a storm like Hurricane Matthew. Call us now to hire our tree service Volusia County. Furthermore, you should read to see why you should be careful about the tree service you hire after Hurricane Matthew.

Hire The Right Tree Service Volusia County

Our tree service, Forrest Stump Tree Service, has been serving the greater Volusia county area for many years. First of all there are some great licensed and insured tree services in Volusia county. However, there are also some companies that offer tree services that do not have the experience needed. Those tree companies usually have a bad reputation. Usually people are able to avoid them by looking at online reviews. However, due to the hurricane, people are desperate to find tree services. Property owners simply don’t have time to do research on tree services. Therefore, the unlicensed and inexperienced tree services that are usually avoided get hired. These tree services are putting property owners and their employees at risk. If you hire an unlicensed tree service and they get injured, you can be held liable for their injuries. Some companies tend to cut a lot more corners to get as many tree removal jobs done as possible. Rushing through dangerous tree removal projects means that the risk of injury is much greater. Hiring a reputable tree service will ensure you, your family, and property are kept safe.

A few questions that will save you time, money and potential headaches

Are You Licensed?

As we have already mentioned above, you should only hire licensed tree services. If a tree service is not licensed, they should not be hired.

Are you from the area? Are you local?

If a company is from out of state, there is less likelyhood that they are licensed and able to do business within the state of Florida. If something goes awry, solving the problem becomes much more difficult if they live in another state.

Are you insured?

All tree services should be insured. If they are doing tree removal work, insurance is required by law. Make sure you ask.

When you meet someone face to face or they approach you about tree services, ask them for their website. You want to make sure they are actually a company and not just two guys with chainsaws.

Asking those basic questions should help you avoid some of the predatory tree services in Volusia county after this devastating hurricane. Be cautious, and trust your instincts.

Call us to hire our tree service Volusia County. Great prices. Licensed, Insured, Local Company.

Tree Removal Orlando

Tree Removal in Orlando

When a tree is dying or not in good health sometimes it can be saved with proper chemical treatment. If the tree cannot be brought back to health or if you just want it to be removed regardless, we are the company that can handle all of your tree removal needs. Forrest Stump tree service is a tree removal expert. We will first look at the tree so we can determine the cost of removing the tree. Once you have hired our tree service we will determine the best way to have the tree removed safely and efficiently. You can depend on us for safety, honest prices, & efficient services.

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Tree Trimming Orlando

Tree Trimming in Orlando

Tree trimming companies in Orlando stay busy more than some other area across the Unites States because of the large amount of palms in Orlando. Palm trees are just part of the landscape and palm trees require much more care than the average species of tree. We recommend that you have your palm trees trimmed about one to two times a year. When you have your palm tree trimming done only the dead palms should be cut. If a palm tree is over-trimmed it can leave it susceptible to pests and parasites.

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Tree Service Orlando

Welcome to Forrest Stump of Orlando

Forrest Stump is your trusted Orlando Tree Service. We are a full service tree service, meaning that we offer any and all tree services. When you use Forrest Stump tree service you can expect nothing but superb service from the time we start the first chainsaw until the time we clear the last branch. You will find that our estimates will be the most fair and accurate out of many of the tree services in Orlando. Our experience allows us to be able to accurately access the amount of time it will take for us to complete a project. Therefore we are able to give better estimates since we know how low we can go on each project.

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